Location managment

Stavanger and Rogaland have the location and the supporting infrastructure to back the shooting of your next film here in Norway. The area have a broad range of professionals in TV- and filmproduction. You state your needs – we will get what you want for your film- and TV-production. This includes most of the areas in professional TV- and filmproduction. We also have contacts in most parts in Norway where production is beeing executed, especially in Oslo and Bergen.

Due to long experience in the area, we can easy find people with special skills needed for setdesign, props and stunts…

The maritime enviroment in Rogaland makes great possibibilies of great locations also with 100 year old boats in pittoresque setting with wooden houses at the seafront.

Mail: post@skjalg.no Mobile: +4792869286


Trellskaar, Rogaland (photo: eklaf)