Financing films in Norway

There are serveral ways of finacial support for filmproduction in Norway and
the possibillity of subsidary financing of films in this region is good. In Norway we have serveral filmfunds which can offer some contribution to your budget. We can help you in finding these and direct you throught the processing of a application.

The main condition for a contribution to your budget is that a certain amount of your production is beeing shot in Rogaland with some help from the filmworkers in the area.


Rogaland is situated on the border to the North Sea (photo. Omdal)

Film funding is possible from serveral institutions in Norway

Vestnorsk Filmsenter
Midtnorsk Filmsenter
Nordnorsk Filmsenter
Filmfondet fuzz
Norsk Filminstitutt
Filmstory (no webpage)

Stavanger Kommune and Rogaland Fylkeskommune among other comunes in the region can support filmprojects practically and economically. Contact us for more information.


The coast (photo: eklaf)